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Spring and summer

During spring and summertime we encouraged you spend time actively in the neighborhood of the primeval forest and close to nature. We offer:


- Walking tours and cycling in the forests

Bicycling is the perfect way to explore forests, as some interesting places are too far away to be reached by foot or too secluded to travel there by car. There are over 300 km of different paths and trails from which you can explore the natural forest, see the most beautiful views, observe beavers in nearby lodges or see the bison in the most wild refuges. We offer bike rentals and professional guide services.


- Nordic Walking Tours


Nordic Walking sticks are a permanent equipment in our rooms. Therefore we encourage you for exceptional forest trips. There are 7 Nordic walking routes in our area. They have different lengths and are located in the unique scenery of the primeval forest. All routes are marked with legibly tables  in accordance with recreation standards of Nordic Walking recreation. Try it!


- Canoeing


To all who wish to diversify and enrich their stay in the region of BialowiezaForest with adventures related to water tourism, we offer great fun during canoe trails on our Podlasie rivers.


- Fishing


Coming to Siolo Budy – apart from vast forest, unforgettable trips and learning about our tradition – can also mean great time spent on fishing. Ponds and lakes found in the forest can become favorite places of every angler. Royal Ponds are the closest fishing point. You can fish there from the shore. To do that you should have legitimacy of Polish Anglers Association and pay a contribution in BiałowieskiNational Park checkout.  


- Rides with britzkas and horse-drawn carriages

Such trips can be organized during each season of the year. Observing phenomenal scenery of the forest from britzkas and carriages can give you lots of joy.


- Narrow gauge railway ride


11km long route leads from Hajnówka to Topiło, a town located in the heart of the forest. All visitors of the place will find here quiet, mid-forest ponds and excellent conditions for recreation.


- Windsurfing


Siemianówka reservoir which is bordered to the east of the BialowiezaPrimevalForest ensure the best conditions for all lovers of that sport.