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About Siolo Budy
About Siolo Budy The Bialowieza Primeval Forest Osocznik Restaurant Great Hunter Shelter Skansen Museum Russian Banya

About Siolo Budy

Sioło Budy is a small village in the heart of Bialowieza Primeval Forest. Here – on the huge glade surrounded by nature, we created our one of the kind guest house. It is open all year round and offers 80 beds in typical old fashioned houses. Siolo Budy is complemented by Restaurant “Osocznik”, “Great Hunter” Shelter and Skansen Museum from 19th century. 


Short history of our place:


Hotel “Siolo Budy” was built  between 1998 and 2000. Mr and Mrs Kamińscy - owners of "Kampio" travel agency - bought an abandoned farm in the Budy village situated in the heart of Bialowieza Forest. At the very beginning the farm belonged to the Wołodkiewicz family - one of families from Budy village. Kaminskys’ intention was to create a small guest house which will be completely embedded in the local architecture and reality. However, not to lose its traditional style and unique spirit, standard of the interior had to provide all contemporary conveniences. Project and execution of this idea was entrusted to the company “Budowniczy SIM” (“Builder SIM”) which belonged to Sergiusz Niczyporuk, who lived in the neighbourhood of Hajnowka. During the construction of a guest house – in quite unexpected way –  the project was extended with creating an open air museum from the 19th century.
Mr and Mrs Kamińscy ran “Sioło Budy” for six years. After this period they decided to lease  it to the Niczyporuk family. Maria, Sergiusz and their son Aleksander took good care of it.
Sioło Budy began to expand systematically. “Osocznik Restaurant”, another two buildings and four beautiful borderland style houses that increased the number of beds to 80 had become part of the resort.  The area was arranged interestingly as well: Great Hunter Shelter and few smaller buildings became part of the place.  
From the very beginning “Siolo Budy” has made the tradition of its main product. It offers accommodation, catering and educational activity. At the beginning of 2014 there will be eco-therapeutic activities introduced, with particular emphasis on herbal medicine and other forms of natural medicine. It also produces and sales healthy traditional food. Location of “Siolo Budy” – in the middle of the Bialowieza Forest on the over 200 hectare glade – provides unique relaxation. Wilderness and tranquility of the primeval forest make this place an oasis of peace in the world of rush and bustle. Silence is its priceless value.